Tricks of Smoking Jacket not required with Electronic Cigarette

Smoking Jacket?

The history of Smoking Jacket dates it back to the 17th Century. The purpose of it was always somewhat similar in those days and these days. To keep you safe from the stinking smell of cigarette. In old days, smoking jackets used to be long and ornate, usually of silk. They were worn especially to smoke pipes or cigars, and in later days cigarettes, to keep the smell of tobacco away from the daily clothes. Though modern day smoking jackets are no more as decorative as the earlier ones, Hugh Hefner, Playboy big-shot, is fond of smoking jackets. Among the 20th century smoking jacket lovers, there are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Carrie Grant. And of course there was Fred Astaire, who was buried in a smoking jacket!

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What Tricks?

Smoking jackets are famous for their sneaky ways of trying to keep the smoke within them and not letting others smell it. These days, you do not get smoking jackets as such in the shops, but people, especially students are usually seen wearing high-necked jackets or t-shirts to hide the smoke. Those who do not have hooded or high-neck jumpers, they keep a spare t-shirt or top to hide and smoke.

The very use of smoking jackets is as sneaky as possible.

No need for Electronic Cigarette users

Electronic Cigarette is famous for it s “no tobacco” trust. It contains absolutely no tobacco. The nicotine that is diluted and stored in the cartridge is already dissolved in four other liquids to keep the smell and the harmful effects to the minimum level.

The vapor of electronic cigarette, thus, is smell free!

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You could go about and smoke as much electronic cigarette as you want, but nobody will understand that you have enjoyed puffs of e-cigarette. The vapor of e-cigarette is 90% water vapor, which disappears into thin air without even leaving a trace. Get ready to buy electronic cigarette online at ban affordable rate.


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