Get Jewels for your Electronic Cigarette Kit!

electronic cigarette kitWhen Marilyn Monroe sang “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, she proved one simple thing true. Glitter captures attention. And if that glitter is for real and makes you the center of attention wherever you go, there is no reason why you should hold yourself back from getting some glittering jewels for your own very special electronic cigarette kit.

It is not just the colorful silk screened carrying cases that can make your e-cigarette kit more attractive. ECig69 brings to you colored Trio batteries with jewel tip LED light. These batteries have the same work as any other Trio or Duo batteries, I.e., to get you puffs as and when you wish. They are of regular electronic cigarette kit size, and come in five different glossy colors.

Silver, Gold, Blue, Pink and Black – any of these can be your choice. You can get more than one, and use them as according to your mood. Dinner parties will require something classy, so go for the Silver battery or even the glossy Black one. When you are out with your friends, get the spunk of your attitude in your electronic cigarette kit as well, as use the Pink or the Gold one. And for clubs or wild nights, Blue is the apt color to go for.

As far as the diamonds are concerned, every time you inhale, the jeweled tip of the battery will glow and make others in the room go green with envy!

You can get these superb colored batteries here as well! They cost approximately less than $60. Ecig69 offers you one of the cool, stylish and modern electronic cigarette kit – a complete package of electronic cigarette and its integrated components leads a high quality flavor smoking. Moreover, the price of those e-cigarette kit is quite reasonable to the users.

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